October 2, 2023


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Ace Jewelry Designer Julianna Hopkins’ ‘Drop of Love’ Collection Is Now Available for Pre-Order

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Printed June 20, 2023

Embrace Emotion-Crammed Artistry as Julianna Hopkins’ Bespoke Jewellery Assortment, “Drop of Really like,” Transforms Desires into Wearable Artwork

Charming the Coronary heart

Julianna Hopkins, a correct artist at heart, embarked on her journey in jewelry style and design 7 many years back with an unwavering belief in her capability to make fascinating and exclusive pieces. With just about every passing yr, her devotion and expertise have blossomed, firmly establishing her as a power to be reckoned with in the industry. 

Guided by an unwavering motivation to bringing dreams to everyday living, Julianna’s creations are infused with heartfelt emotion, reworking valuable metals and gemstones into wearable operates of artwork. Julianna draws inspiration from her have spouse and children, with her daughter staying a constant supply of resourceful inspiration and unwavering support.

The most recent testomony to Julianna’s artistry is “Drop of Love,” her beautiful jewelry collection that emanates elegance, individuality, and everlasting splendor. Crafted to perfection, her beautiful piece embodies the pretty essence of feelings, capturing the essence of a adore that understands no bounds. 

Enthusiastically embracing the power of technological innovation, Julianna has just lately ventured onto the charming realm of Twitter. There, she shares her enthusiasm for artwork, innovation, and profound belief in Elon Musk’s visionary opportunity. Leveraging the platform’s capabilities, she delights in presenting AI-created imagery showcasing her designs’ radiant attract. Soon to arrive are a diverse array of “Drop of Really like” variants, lovingly crafted in gold, silver, diamonds, and an exquisite assortment of cherished stones.

Fall of Enjoy: Where Thoughts Sparkle

The “Drop of Enjoy” necklace, the epitome of grace and refinement, takes heart stage in Julianna’s selection. At its core lies a real Zultanite gemstone sourced from the enchanting lands of Turkey. Weighing in at 1 carat, this rare gemstone possesses the remarkable skill to change shades, mirroring the at any time-evolving nature of feelings. Delicately encircled by gypsy established diamonds totaling .3 carats, the necklace exudes an air of sophistication that pays homage to the fluid, natural curves reminiscent of Gaudí’s architectural masterpieces.

Independently handcrafted using 14-karat gold, every depth of the “Drop of Enjoy” necklace exudes incredible high-quality and timeless magnificence. The necklace is now accessible for pre-purchase on the Fall of Adore web sites in confined portions, as each and every necklace is handcrafted to perfection by Julianna and her staff of extremely skilled artisans. 


Drop of Love is a distinguished jewelry atelier led by visionary designer Julianna Hopkins, exactly where passion and artistry converge to produce bespoke masterpieces that transcend anticipations. With an unwavering determination to craftsmanship and a profound belief in the energy of private expression, Drop of Really like crafts amazing jewelry parts that encapsulate the essence of thoughts. From enchanting necklaces to beautiful tailor made layouts, each and every generation tells a exceptional tale and turns into a cherished treasure.

For more details, you should use the details down below to get hold of Julianna or Fall of Love.

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