May 23, 2024


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Laura Geller Shares How to ‘Enhance’ Makeup for Women ‘Over 40’

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  • Laura Geller shares her best makeup advice for women “over 40.”
  • The makeup artist and founder of Laura Geller Beauty explains how to “update” and “enhance” your beauty routine as you age.
  • Geller says her goal is to “demystify this whole makeup thing.”

Whether she’s sharing mascara tips for mature eyes or lip liner tips for the perfect pout, we can all agree that Laura Geller knows beauty. So naturally, when the makeup artist and founder of Laura Geller Beauty shares her best advice, we take note. Now, Geller tells Prevention her best tips for women “over 40” to help “update” their makeup routine.

The makeup pro’s goal is to “demystify this whole makeup thing and tell women everywhere 40-plus, ‘be your own self ’and also change with the times,” Geller tells Prevention while introducing her latest beauty launch—the Own Your Age kit—a customizable “full-face makeup kit” released in honor of National Mature Women’s Day on April 9th.

“For example, what you did in the ’80s is not going to work now…as every decade passes, our needs for makeup pass,” Geller says, adding that she wanted to “let people know it was time to update and to enhance, not cover-up.”

Below, find some of Geller’s top makeup for women over 40 so you can achieve a radiant, timeless look.

Always start with a primer

While not included in the Own Your Age kit, Geller says using primer “is something that I always preach about,” as it ensures makeup stays put and looks its best. “I think it’s important that women understand that if their makeup is disappearing, if it’s settling into lines, they may not be prepping their skin—so I always recommend a primer,” she explains. A primer, Geller says, creates a “slip on the skin” and helps makeup go on smoother. “You need less makeup, typically when you use a primer first. So I think it’s important not to forget it.”

LAURA GELLER NEW YORK Spackle Skin Perfecting Primer Original

Spackle Skin Perfecting Primer Hydrate

LAURA GELLER NEW YORK Spackle Skin Perfecting Primer Hydrate

Apply blush

Geller recommends applying a pink-toned blush (like the one in the Own Your Age kit) to the apple of the cheeks to give the face a more “lifted” appearance and add a “healthy glow” to the complexion. “Blush when it’s pink is probably the most useful thing that you can do to create this very vibrant glow to your skin,” Geller adds. “So I always say lean into a pink blush.”

She explains that women often favor bronzer and forgo blush—but Geller says the two work great together. “Apply the bronzer everywhere because it’s going to warm your complexion…but don’t ever leave off the pink blush. It’s a huge initiative for me.”

On Sale

Serum Blush Tint

Laura Geller Serum Blush Tint
Credit: Laura Geller

On Sale

Baked Blush-n-Brighten Marbleized Blush

Laura Gller Baked Blush-n-Brighten Marbleized Blush
Credit: Laura Geller

Highlight strategically

Along with blush and bronzer, applying highlighter helps create a glowing complexion. “I think there’s a lot of mystery behind highlighter…and I always say highlighter is applied in areas where you’re creating attention or want to create attention,” Geller explains. “So if you want to lift your brow, you put it onto your brow. If you want to lift your cheekbone, you put it on the high point of your cheekbone.” Geller adds that the Own Your Age kit has “the best highlighters” that make the cheeks look “juicy” and glowing.

Baked Original Low Glow Illuminating Highlighter Duo

LAURA GELLER NEW YORK Baked Original Low Glow Illuminating Highlighter Duo

Baked Natural Glow Highlighter

LAURA GELLER NEW YORK Baked Natural Glow Highlighter

Choose the right lip product

A beautiful lip color provides the perfect finishing touch to any makeup look, but finding the right formula for aging skin can be difficult. The makeup pro recommends reaching for the Laura Geller Beauty Jelly Balm Hydrating Lip Color (available in the Own Your Age kit in the shade of your choice). The product has “really become a favorite for everybody,” Geller explains. “I think it’s the first time in 27 years that I’ve created a lipstick where you can actually have a payoff of color, but it doesn’t feather and migrate. Because I think that’s the biggest complaint for most women after a certain age.”

Jelly Balm Hydrating Lip Balm

LAURA GELLER NEW YORK Jelly Balm Hydrating Lip Balm

Italian Marble Sheer Lipstick

LAURA GELLER NEW YORK Italian Marble Sheer Lipstick

There you have it—a few simple tips from beauty industry legend, Laura Geller, to help you look your best and Own Your Age! Check out more beauty tips for mature skin, below.

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