May 23, 2024


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Strong and Precious Art Foundation Unveils Stunning Ukrainian Jewelry Exhibition in Washington D.C.

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(Press Release) WASHINGTON, DC — Previous Thursday, the Powerful and Precious Art Basis hosted an distinctive non-public jewelry exhibition in Washington D.C., showcasing a spectacular exhibition of exquisite Ukrainian jewels. The function, attended by neighborhood friends and associates of the push, showcased 6 outstanding jewels, each telling a unique tale of craftsmanship, heritage, and symbolism encouraged by Ukraine. Hosted at Ukraine Dwelling, the venue is a lively hub for Ukrainian society and hospitality—an function area for a varied range of gatherings, together with artwork exhibitions, workshops, and culinary festivals. The situation marks the second Sturdy & Valuable exhibition in the United states of america, following NYC Jewelry 7 days past fall at the Mriya Gallery in Tribeca.

In a joint statement, Marianna Falkova, Executive Director of Ukraine Household, and Ruslan Falkov, Director of Global and Governmental Relations at Ukraine Home, condition “We convey our gratitude to the Potent and Treasured Artwork Foundation and the founder, Olga Oleksenko, for showcasing these six unique parts to our regional neighborhood. Each piece carries a wealthy background, transforming the act of donning jewelry from a exhibit of prosperity to an embodiment of cultural heritage.”

Tiffany Stevens, CEO Basic Counsel of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC) interviewed the Solid & Important Art Foundation’s founder, Olga Oleksenko, featuring insights into the inspiration guiding the charming items. JVC is a 107-calendar year-aged nonprofit performing on ethics and plan in the jewellery business. Prioritizing customer protection as a result of promoting, anti-corruption, and anti-dollars laundering, JVC has a short while ago been doing the job with the government and trade on Russian diamond sanctions and diamond traceability. Olga Oleksenko, the founder of Sturdy & Valuable Art Foundation, is a renowned curator of private collections, a collector and art connoisseur, and was the boutique director for Van Cleef & Arpels for above a ten years in Kyiv. As a reaction to the war in Ukraine, she founded Solid & Treasured to elevate modern Ukrainian high-quality jewellery layout, with a mission of sharing the symbolism and magnificence of the Ukrainian jewelry school globally.

“There is international recognition that the war in Ukraine is getting into a new stage of escalation. Russia is bombing Ukrainian metropolitan areas everyday, along with the country’s vitality infrastructure, civilian objects, and properties. Ukraine is on the brink of yet another blackout, and we think about it our responsibility to remind the earth about the superb Ukrainian individuals, artists who continue on to produce, and remind the planet of our gorgeous, artistic country. Ukrainians are worthy of a peaceful and far better lifestyle,” says Olga Oleksenko, Founder of the Robust & Precious Artwork Basis. “Not by probability, Washington D.C. has grow to be a new venue for our exhibition ‘How Precious UA’. It is a position where by decisions are built that instantly affect and help Ukraine. In just the exhibition, committed to contemporary symbols of Ukraine, there are black onyx and diamond Blackout Earrings, which reflect the dim streets of powerless Kyiv in the course of the 2022 blackout. It is regretful that this symbol threatens to develop into applicable yet again if help is not supplied.”

Other highlights of the evening involve the “Freedom” necklace by Nomis, a masterful composition of black pearls with a cross-shaped pendant. Symbolizing the triumph of great over evil, the necklace functions pearls organized in binary code spelling out the word ‘freedom,’ serving as a beacon of hope in difficult moments, and an homage to excellence in Ukrainian pc programming now. Inesa Kovalova’s “Links Brooch” seamlessly blends industrial structures with nature’s natural beauty, symbolizing the unity involving the East and West of Ukraine. Built of titanium, 18K gold, and adorned with purely natural diamonds and a gorgeous heliodor stone, this piece is a testomony to the country’s prosperous heritage and resilience, with both the heliodor gemstone and the titanium mined in Ukraine. The “Kolosinnia” necklace by Yuval’ Studios pays homage to Ukraine’s indomitable spirit, incorporating things encouraged by the country’s numerous landscapes. Crafted with golden wheat ears, symbolic of the south, and a whorl resembling a twisting mountain road in the Carpathians, the necklace is a celebration of Ukraine’s pure magnificence and toughness. The “Trypillia” necklace by GUNIA Task captivated attendees with its intricate style and historic importance. Handcrafted in 18K gold, this 1-of-a-variety necklace features effective symbols from the Trypillian lifestyle, including the famous Venus figure at its center, symbolizing a modern-day twist on ancient craftsmanship. The “mUAvement” Ring from Drutis Jewelry attracts inspiration from a eyesight of a tender and intricate world the place enduring components converge to propel humanity forward. Reflecting Ukraine’s aspirations for a luminous foreseeable future, the ring functions a pristine topaz sourced from the Volyn location, symbolizing clarity and purity. Crafted from Ukrainian elements, such as metal from Mariupol and nickel, the cog of the ring embodies nearby craftsmanship and resilience. Encased in 18K gold, the ring symbolizes the cherished unity and spirit of flexibility intrinsic to the Ukrainian people.

“In a planet exactly where artistry intersects with advocacy, the Solid and Important Artwork Foundation stands as a beacon of both creativity and compassion. By this exquisite exhibition, we not only rejoice the craftsmanship of Ukrainian jewelry but also amplify the voices of a country in need. It is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, and a contact to motion for help and solidarity,” claims Tiffany Stevens, CEO and General Counsel of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee.


The accumulating of influencers, media, and governing administration officers underscores the Sturdy and Precious Art Foundation’s mission to advertise cultural heritage and rejoice outstanding artistry by jewellery style. Each and every piece serves as a reminder of the enduring electrical power of creativity and the human spirit. Robust & Cherished proceeds to assist the require for aid for Ukraine and will proceed conversations that aid local companies on the ground.

For far more information and facts about the Robust and Treasured Artwork Basis, partnership inquiries, information and facts about upcoming events, check out listed here.

About the Robust & Valuable Artwork Foundation

The Potent & Cherished Art Foundation is committed to endorsing Ukraine’s lively jewelry heritage and showcasing its designers. Founded in April 2022 by artwork collector and jewellery connoisseur Olga Oleksenko, the basis emerged from a heartfelt desire to add to Ukraine’s beneficial progress and progress. Guided by the belief that magnificence can inspire and uplift, the Robust & Important Artwork Basis embarked on a journey to uncover the charming tale of Ukrainian jewellery and art whilst highlighting the extraordinary expertise that has thrived for generations.
The mission of the Robust & Valuable Art Foundation is to assist the Ukrainian agenda and inform the world about the function of Ukrainian artists. Collaborating with all those that embody resourceful expression, the basis guarantees the preservation and improvement of Ukrainian jewellery design and style. By means of exhibitions and initiatives, the Potent & Valuable Art Basis strives to market Ukrainian jewellery-producing abilities, sharing its roots and influences from ancient occasions to the current day. © All rights reserved. | Newsphere by AF themes.