October 2, 2023


Unique & Classy

The best books on fashion photography

7 min read

Fashion photography is without a doubt one of the most alluring genres of photography but arguably one of the hardest to break into. Not only does it require highly sophisticated technical skills plus a broad knowledge of lighting setups it also demands up-to-date knowledge of trends and a keen eye for style. Just taking photos of clothes isn’t enough to break into this fiercely competitive world, you need to think about how things like location, accessories and poses elevate the narrative you’re trying to convey. 

Since the mid-1850s when Adolphe Braun published what is considered to be the first book on fashion photography, this glamorous world has stolen the heart of photographers, stylists, models, set designers and lighting technicians. Unlike lots of photographic genres, fashion photography is highly collaborative and offers the chance to work with other creatives who bring their own artistic flair. It’s high-pressure and chaotic but it’s also charismatic and completely magical when it all comes together. 

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